No Reserve Auction – Happening Now, the highly sought after 4-letter domain name, that’s registered consistently for more than 8 years, is now on an unheard of NO RESERVE auction on Sedo, through February 4th, 2016 at 8am EST.

This domain was previously the address of a successful technology-related website in China, before that. It has a documented archival history going back more than 14 years, and currently has a Domain Authority of 7 and Page Authority of 21. The term KHDN appears on Google more than 200,000 times, and is also the callsign of a radio station, as well as an airport in the US. In Chinese Cangjie, KHDN means “dysentery”.  Multiple ccTLD versions of this keyword have been registered for years. The most recent Estibot valuations put this domain at a worth of between $3600 to $6900 USD. The current bidding price as of this publishing is $110 USD.

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Time to stir the pot! The single-word domain and super-short are both hitting Sedo’s auction, and both concluding on January 21st, 2016 at 7:45pm EST. Both domains have ridiculously low reserves. is in the highly lucrative financial sector, with the keyword being worth around $15 per click, alone! It works well as it’s own complete term, too, as in they “refinanced us!” could work well for cloud storage, url shortening, and more. The term “5 gb” appears in more than 15 million Google results.

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Click here to launch the auction page. is on Auction Through January 9th

Happy 2016!

Let’s start out the new years with a great value. Premium, well aged domain will be on auction on Sedo starting January 2nd, 2016 at 2:30pm EST, and concluding on January 9th, at the same time.

If bidding reaches $1,499 USD, the domain will also include If it reaches $1,999 USD, it will include, and if it reaches $2,999, will include, too!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pick up four matching domains for less than $750, each!

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Premium domain name will be going on auction on Sedo, starting at 8pm EST on December 14th, and ending at the same time on December 21st, 2015. This domain was first registered more than 14 years ago, and has been consistently registered since 2007. Before that, it was the address of a successful technology-related website based in China. The search term “KHDN” is found in more than 200K results on Google. International domain extensions of this term have been registered for years.

View the auction listing. Auction Begins December 7th, 2015 auction for will begin on December 7th, 2015, and end on the 14th at 8am EST.  This highly sought after single-keyword domain name has been registered consistently for more than 8 years. The word “videos” appears in more than 5 billion search results on on Google, making it one of the most relevant terms online.

A similar domain,, sold several months ago on the same marketplace for $53,000 USD. The word “videos” is the same in English and German. With the reserve price set to sell within the first bids, this is one not to miss.

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